We sell quality used goods for the good of others, but more than that, we are a family of believers that wake up every day with the intention of making a positive difference in the world. Our efforts are modest, and our contributions are humble, but we do what we do out of love, with love, and for the sake of our community’s future. So please come in and take a look, support us in our mission and join us on our quest to be Christ for others. The St. John XXIII Thrift Store went from big to bigger with its renovation in 2010, a project that was more than six months in the execution. We celebrated with a Grand Reopening that brought in new customers and exceeded our sales expectations. Our volunteer ranks continue to grow, with over 130 current volunteers on the roster.

Marcia Weis visits the St. John XXIII Thrift Store, only to be inundated with clothing for the orphanage she was preparing to visit in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is her story.

Income for the 2017 calendar year was over $390,000, a 12% increase over the 2015 calendar year. Contributions of $145,816 in cash were made to Catholic education and other charities. In addition, donations of goods that were not saleable in the store were made to many organizations, including:

St. John XXIII Social Justice
Jesus the Worker parish
St. Vincent De Paul Church
Jamaica Outreach Program
St. Francis Xavier School
United Way 211
Divine Inspiration Church
Homeless Veterans (Dpmt. of Vet Affairs)
Seventh Day Adventist Church of NFM

Fort Myers Soup Kitchen
St. Matthew’s House
Friendship House, Immokalee
Abuse and Shelter of Lee County
Christian Partners of Hope
Central Baptist Church
Unity in the Community
Fort Myers Pregnancy Center
Hill Tribe Orphanage, Thailand